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Acrylic Paint Night: $20

Directed to adults wanting to improve their skills or wanting to express themselves through art, it's a perfect stress reliever of daily life. Designed as therapeutic paint night, it's easy for beginners to create masterpieces... so come and try!

Supplies included: Paintbrushes, pencils, acrylic paints, canvas. Light refreshments served... except your favourite wine/cocktail so you can bring that!

Age: 18+

Instructor: Angela Francis

Limit: 10 per class

Day: Saturday Nights 

Time: 7-10pm

  • Workshop: $20/person
  • Out of Studio Nights: $35/person with a minimum of 6 people
  • Art supplies provided
  • Light Refreshments
  • BYOB

Life Drawing: $15

With a live nude model, you can practice to draw human anatomy proportionally. Helped by qualified art tutor you will learn at a pace that is easy for you. New and experienced artists welcome.

Bring: Pencils 6H-6B, sketchbook, or 18 x 24 newsprint pad, Erasers, Drawing board, Bull clips, Graphite Stick, Conte. 

All supplies can be purchased at Curry's Art Store. However, we do have some supplies on hand we can lend for your first time if you aren't quite sure!

Age 18+, otherwise parental/guardian permission required.

Instructor: Laura Bradley

Limit: 10 per session

Day: Sunday afternoons

Time: 3-5pm

  • Workshop: $15/session
  • Easels
  • Nude model/ Still Life
  • Dates subject to change

Wax / Encaustic Art

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Limit: 12 per class

Workshop: $35/person

All supplies provided

Sculpting with Clay: $40

Start from the beginning. Start with play and learn some techniques you didn't know. Last time we made plates by hand. I would like to do sculpting this year.

Topics covered will include: hand sculpting, tools, slip, clay, mold making, etc.

Wear clothing you won't mind getting dirty.

Age: 16+

Limit: 10 per class

Day: once a month

  • Workshop: $40/class
  • Take home tool kit: $10. Request in advance.
  • Price includes lesson, clay and tools supplied

Oil Painting: $35

These workshops are designed as a basic entry into the world of oil painting. It seems complicated but it is really pretty easy. It is therapeutic as oils have a longer work time than acrylics or watercolours. Come by and take a try!

Age: 14+
Instructor: Laura Bradley

Bring: Paintbrushes, pencils, oil paints, canvas (you can bring any size you want to work on).

Limit: One on One

Day: Mondays 7 - 9pm

  • Workshop: $35/class
  • Art kit: $150. Request in advance.
  • Canvas: we sell different sizes

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And LOTS MORE...!!!

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